What PR Pros Wish Clients Knew

I love my job. But like everyone, I have those moments of banging my head on a desk wishing that clients understood some of the challenges in doing my job well and keeping them happy. This post is not a rage against clients (see above, I love what I do!) but tips on how everyone […]

When Did We Give Up?

I don’t know when it happened but somewhere in the past several years, we raised the white flag of defeat. Perhaps we were pushed to the edge by too many long hours and too few vacations. Maybe it was the “always on” social media culture that finally taxed our remaining resources. Whatever the cause, we […]

They Will Eat the Communicators First

I am convinced that if aliens invaded the earth, they would eat the communicators first. This belief has been shaped by years of watching PR and Marketing functions get cut when organizations are looking to save money. I watched the slash and re-staff cycle throughout my career and as an independent have seen the same logic […]